AVANA Organic Infusion Rejuvenating Shampoo



 A natural formulation rejuvenating shampoo with natural origin ingredients and artisanal hand-harvested herbs from the highland of Thailand - the key to healthier, Shinier and younger-looking hair.  

Defending hair from the signs of aging and stress with Honey, combined with Certified Organic Argan oil, Olive oil, and Castor oil to preserve the scalp's natural moisture, reinforce and deeply moisturize, leaving hair a sleek and healthy finish. Blended with fresh Lemon and Chamomile extract, Pouteria Cambodiana offers mild antiseptic & anti-oxidant, soothing scalp, reducing dandruff, preventing hair loss, and promoting healthy hair growth.

Scented with our signature blend of Citron squeeze, honey, and Rosemary blossoms to deliver a feeling of relaxation and provide an aromatherapy experience.

Water is substituted by anti-aging Herbal infusion of 

organic black glutinous rice, flaxseed, Hoary Basil, and more.

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